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About Golden Spirals
Parent & Child Groups

Our Mission

The focus is on you, the parent. 

Golden Spirals is not a typical parent and child group. It recognises how difficult parenthood can be and offers a safe, non-judgemental supportive space to gather together. Parenting issues are welcomed and shared with an understanding of gentle parenting methods.

You will find a holistic experience where healthy social, emotional, physical and nutritional approaches are shared.

We are inspired by alternative educational practises and believes that children’s learning flourishes in a calm, peaceful, predictable, familiar and unhurried environment.


What we offer

Each session follows the same rhythm:

Free Play for Children & Craft Activity for Parents

Seasonal Songs

Shared Meal

Puppet Show

The children begin with some free play. During this time parents are engaged in an adult craft activity.

We encourage parents to allow (where possible) child-initiated and self-directed play while we do our crafts.


Gentle Parenting Support

Each of our facilitators are either trained or training as Level 1 Aware Parenting Instructors. We share gentle parenting ideas to ponder on, if you so wish. There is no requirement simply an invitation. We also share how to create Listening Partnerships, which can deeply support you on your parenting journey. To read more about Aware Parenting follow the link below...

Seasonal Craft or Activity

Our hands are a magnificent part of us human beings. We invite you to try your hand at seasonal crafts, enjoy different materials and the wonders of creating with your hands. 
This activity is not aimed at the children although they are of course welcome to sit on your lap.

Children Scooping Out Pumpkins

Seasonal Songs and Puppet Shows

Seasonal songs are sung each week and we end with a simple puppet show. The puppet shows are repeated in each cycle to immerse the children into their beauty.

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Regularly Updated

Gentle Parenting

Our facilitators are either trained or training as Aware Parenting Instructors. During the year we share gentle parenting resources to support you on your parenting journey.

Alternative Educational Philosophies

We incorporate a wide range of alternative educational philosophies in our groups. You can see which ones we draw upon here. (coming soon...)

Parenting in a Stressful World

We recognise how difficult parenting can be - especially if we parent from our own pain and traumas or lead stressful lives. You can find resources and experts to support you here. (coming soon...)


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